Eldoa1 Certification Course 
with Petra Baethmann:

This 2-day course is designed for participants to gain a basic understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and to build confidence in applying and teaching the most frequently used ELDOA exercises with proper form and technique.
The course is beneficial for anyone interested in learning about ELDOA: wellness and athletic coaches, trainers, massage therapists, movement instructors, ELDOA students, and others.

2-Day Course:
Saturday February 18th 12-7pm (registration 11:30)
Sunday February 19th  8:30-5pm
To register call Petra @ 416-931-4549 or via email 

Eldoa2 Certification Course 
with Petra Baethmann:
The ELDOA taught in this course include the levels for the spine L5/S1 to C2/C3.
The first day is a review of ELDOA1, day two and three an expansion on many of the topics from ELDOA 1 such as classic spine biomechanics, descriptive anatomy, water imbibition, the role of water in the body and program design and more!
Pre-requisite: ELDOA1

3-Day Course:
Friday TBA 12-7pm (registration 11:30)
Saturday TBA  12-8pm
Sunday TBA  9:00-5pm
Register now online or contact Petra 416-931-4549 | via email 

See Calendar for Details

Your Pelvic Health 
with Kristin Honey & Michelle Fraser:
 Have You Experienced, or Ever Been Curious About:
• low back/hip pain that isn’t improving
• pelvic pain
• postpartum or other urinary incontinence
• leaking with sneezing or coughing
• prolapse or other pelvic conditions
• pain with sexual activity
• a disconnection with your pelvic area
In this dynamic workshop series, we will build the foundation for the healthy balance of your pelvic floor and explore the gifts and challenges of this area from the physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives.
Familiarize yourself with the function of your pelvic floor and deepen your awareness and understanding through lecture, anatomy, discussion, self reflection and embodied movement. Explore how to access, train, and balance your pelvic floor muscles and to apply the skills and insights developed to your daily life.
Saturdays 12:30–3:30pm
January 14
January 28 
February 11
$175 +hst (For Women)
Register now online or contact Kristin via email 

See Calendar for Details

Drum Journey Circles
with Heather Clear Wind:
Saturday evenings now twice a month! 7-10 p.m
Escape the City with a Sacred Sound Drum Journey to the Heartbeats of the First Nations Big Drum.
I’m a Cree First Nations healer with over twenty years experience and I've been deeply honoured to host these healing and peace making circles healing our planet, the ancestors and the land with the big drum going on three years.
Our gatherings are completely unique as unlike other drum journey circles that use a hand drum, you get to journey to the drum beats of the big drum as I say prayers and send energy healing to the group as I drum.
The heartbeat of the big drum connects us with our own heart, the heartbeat of Mother Earth and our time in the womb as a baby when we first heard the heartbeat of our mother, linking us with this primordial, nurturing and soothing sound healing.    
Some refer to this as shamanic drum journeying - I don’t as I’m not a shaman but the experiences people have and share are of this very nature. 
~Heather Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon
Please note, this is not a hand drum circle. 
The big drum will be played by Heather while you journey.

Pre-payment is required to reserve your space.
For details or to register please visit:

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